WHY Freeze Dry?

I often get asked “What benefit does freeze drying offer?”

Putting it simply, there are at least 4 good reasons!

SHELF LIFE, freeze dried food can last up to 25years, depending on the packaging and the seal, and also if you have included an oxygen absorber in the bag. Honestly though, who is going to hang onto candy that long? šŸ™‚

TASTE. Freeze drying intensifies the flavour of what you are putting in the machine! Skittles taste SO good freeze dried! Ask anyone!

NO REFRIDGERATION. Just keep the bag or container out of the sun, and at room temp, and it lasts! SO easy!

LIGHTWEIGHT. It’s dry, and as moisture is the reason so many foods are heavy, it’s a backbacker or bikers dream! NO weight to carry!

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